World’s biggest podcaster Joe Rogan has a ‘lot of hope’ for crypto

Joe Rogan is one of the most popular names in podcasting, but he’s also a cryptocurrency investor. He has been on both sides of the market and recently spoke about his “hopeful” outlook for crypto.

World’s biggest podcaster Joe Rogan has a ‘lot of hope’ for crypto, but he also has some reservations. In his latest podcast, Joe discussed the many issues in the cryptocurrency market and why he is still bullish on it.


In a recent podcast interview, controversial comedian and pundit Joe Rogan said that he “had a lot of optimism” for cryptocurrencies.

Rogan discusses the future of crypto with fellow podcaster Adam Curry in the 1760th episode of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which aired on January 8. Despite Spotify’s efforts to restrict some of the most inflammatory episodes, Rogan’s podcast has an estimated 11 million listeners every episode.

Rogan, whose program topped Spotify’s most popular podcasts in 2021, said:

“It’ll either fall apart totally or we’ll embrace this as a chance to right the ship and find a better way to live our lives,” says the author.

Curry hosts the right-wing podcast “No Agenda,” which has been chastised by the mainstream media and medical community for its promotion of conspiracy theories.

“There’s a whole spate of young people who are simply opting out,” Curry said, “and they’re moving to establish parallel systems and parallel networks.” “I’m on the Bitcoin train because I feel my money is safer there,” he said.

“The monetary system is in shambles. Because it is connected to oil, it creates inflation, suffering, and conflicts.”

The Metaverse as Rogan sees it

Rogan and Curry also spoke on the prospect for a “Silicon Valley-controlled” digital Metaverse, as well as the role of NFTs in this realm.

Rogan imagined a future in which businesses create their own digital tokens that consumers must use to acquire their goods.

“Apple could easily do that,” Rogan remarked. “You’d purchase coins, and then you’d buy items with those coins… It’s almost like a more advanced form of stocks.”

Curry, on the other hand, isn’t persuaded, claiming that “that’s not the plan,” and that strong institutions and governments would instead focus on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

“Crypto will be available to you.” A digital wallet will be available to you. You will get it immediately from the Federal Reserve. And there will be very little retail banking – it will just cease to exist.”

Joe Rogan Tells 200 Million Listeners to Buy Bitcoin in Cash App for Comment

Despite the podcasters’ favorable views about cryptocurrency, many others in the community were suspicious. “An endorsement from Captain Pseudoscience,” one Reddit user “thenudelman” said on the r/Cryptocurrency forum. “I could have gotten by without it.” “He’s an imbecile and the last person we want affiliated with Crypto,” another commenter, “Dubsy 101,” said.

Both Rogan and Curry have a reputation for being divisive in the crypto community and beyond. Rogan is renowned for his outspoken opposition to “political correctness” and has been chastised for making racist, sexist, and transphobic jokes in the past.

CashApp paid Rogan to advise his listeners to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) in July 2021, and he took a $100,000 BTC payment in November.

Joe Rogan has a ‘lot of hope’ for crypto. He believes that it will be the future and he is not alone in his opinion. There are many other people who believe this as well, which is why Joe Rogan believes that crypto could be the future. Reference: is crypto the future.

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