Why did Elon Musk Become Republican?

Mr. Musk has been one of the most outspoken proponents of Bitcoin and Blockchain, especially in recent years. Recently he announced that he is leaving the Republican party over their stance on climate change, which led to various tweets from followers pointing out his hypocrisy as a man with strong ties to fossil fuels himself.

Elon Musk is a highly intelligent man and has been involved in many different industries. He has also become a Republican, which is surprising because he usually supports liberal ideas. Read more in detail here: elon musk for president.

Why did Elon Musk Become Republican?

In a twitter post in May 2020, Elon Musk said that he will vote for Republicans in the future. He claims that the Democratic Party used to stand for compassion, but today it stands for hatred and division. As a result, he can no longer support this political party. His turn to the right, however, did not happen overnight, and many have seen it since 2018.

Elon Musk was a large Democrat supporter until 2016-17, according to Donor Lookup, a website that records political contributions. He even claimed publicly that he voted for Hilary Clinton in 2016 and was a registered Democrat in California.

Elon Musk’s political views evolved from Democrat to Republican as his economic fortune grew over time. Elon, on the other hand, claims that his opinions haven’t changed. The beliefs of the Democratic Party have shifted, and they have been hijacked by the militant left. 

It is, nevertheless, unsurprising that he switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. 

The Movement To Tax The Rich

The “The Movement To Tax The Rich ” by a few prominent democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC), Senator Warren, Senator Bernie, and others made Elon Musk angry. According to democrats, billionaires aren’t paying their fair share and using various tax-avoidance schemes. 

Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted in November 2021, “We must insist that the extraordinarily rich pay their fair share.” Period.” No one was mentioned by name in this tweet. “I keep forgetting that you’re still alive,” Elon Musk said.

Elon Musk was named Person of the Year by Time Magazine in December 2021. “Let’s alter the corrupt tax law so The Person of the Year pays taxes and stops freeloading off everyone else,” Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted. Elon Musk referred to her as “Senator Karen” in a tweet thread.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a member of the House of Representatives, attended the New York Met Gala in September 2021 wearing a dress that said “Tax The Rich.” Elon Musk criticised the clothing and lettering in a tweet, adding, “Can only read one side.” Is it possible to “ax the itch”?

These tweets only appear when it is suggested that billionaires and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. Elon Musk is irritated by this comment.

Elon Musk, on the other hand, has some compelling reasons for why billionaires can avoid paying taxes. It’s not the billionaire’s fault; it’s a tax loophole in the IRS tax law that the wealthy take advantage of.

The IRS, for example, only taxes individuals based on their earnings. Elon Musk, on the other hand, seldom earns money. He receives no remuneration from Tesla and just a little remuneration from SpaceX. The bulk of his fortune is made up of Tesla and SpaceX stock. Tesla’s market capitalization has skyrocketed over the years, and his net worth has exploded, making him one of the world’s richest individuals.

Even though Elon Musk is worth billions on paper, his annual profits are insignificant. As a result, he just pays minimal taxes. Elon Musk claims to be cash-strapped. 

Senator Warren’s assertion that Elon paid no federal taxes in 2018 is likewise debunked by Elon. The assertion is technically correct. It is, however, a lie by omission. Elon Musk overpaid taxes in 2017, thus he didn’t have to pay them in 2018, since he had already paid them in 2017. 

Elon Musk is enraged by the democratic lawmakers’ whole tax argument. As a result, he drifted away from them over time and gravitated toward the Republican Party, whose policies benefit millionaires like him.


United Auto Employees (UAW) is an American labor organization that represents auto workers. Tesla workers, on the other hand, are not members of this union. During the 2008 slump, he claims, the UAW abandoned Tesla. They were of no assistance. Tesla has grown their company over time. 

Tesla employees now earn 15% more than those employed by competing automakers. 

Elon Musk has made it clear that he despises labor unions. As a result, several pro-union Democrats are pushing Elon on this issue. It irritates him. He believes that since unions abandoned Tesla in the past, they aren’t working in the best interests of employees.

Republicans, on the other hand, are often anti-union. This opinion is similar to Elon Musk’s. As a result, over time, he changed his allegiance from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

The Biden Administration has snubbed him.

Tesla is the world’s largest electric car manufacturer. EVs became trendy and attractive thanks to Tesla. Their success paved the way for a slew of additional electric vehicle companies, including Lucid, Rivian, and others. Furthermore, established automakers that have never produced an EV are now pledging to produce a variety of EVs in the next decades. As a result, Tesla is credited with being the first firm to introduce electric automobiles to the globe.

The Biden Administration hosted an EV meeting in 2021. Tesla was not invited to the summit, unlike Ford, GM, and other automobile makers. Elon Musk was enraged. Unless Tesla existed, Ford and GM would never have produced an electric vehicle. 

Even though GM sold just 26 electric cars in the fourth quarter of 2021 and Ford sold fewer than 1,000, President Biden (Democrat) referred to GM as the EV leader at the meeting. Tesla, on the other hand, sold almost a quarter-million cars in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Tesla, according to Elon, done more for the environment than other automakers and oil firms. It is assisting in the shift of global transportation from internal combustion engines to electric automobiles. It’s a terrific idea that corresponds to Democratic policies. Tesla and Elon Musk, on the other hand, have been attacked by members of the Democratic Party. Because of his dissatisfaction with the way he was treated, he switched his allegiance from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

Argument for Freedom of Expression

Elon Musk is the only notable person who utilizes Twitter. He sends out a lot of tweets. He doesn’t have any social media accounts, such as Facebook or Instagram. He closed his Facebook and Instagram accounts a long time ago due to privacy concerns.

Elon is a big Twitter user who doesn’t agree with a lot of the company’s practices. Twitter, he claims, is a modern-day digital town square. As a result, everyone on this platform should be protected by the First Amendment’s right to free expression. People should be free to speak anything they want as long as they don’t break federal or state law. No one should be barred from Twitter because of their political beliefs or thoughts.

Elon Musk claims that Twitter is skewed to the left. Right-leaning viewpoints are mostly silenced. Twitter, on the other hand, disagrees.

Twitter claims to be a privately held corporation. As a result, they are not protected by the First Amendment. They may suppress and prohibit unpopular ideas and beliefs to make Twitter a better place. 

This back-and-forth debate about Twitter’s free speech drew a lot of media attention, with left-leaning outlets criticizing Elon and right-leaning outlets praising him. Elon Musk noticed that his argument was similar to that of the Republicans. 


Elon Musk’s move to the Republican Party took place over time. When most CEOs and billionaires remain mute in the face of media and political criticism, Elon Musk strikes back. 

Most people will not gain from Elon Musk’s changed attitude, whether he is a Democrat or a Republican. He will always act in his own best interests, not that of the people or the country. He is in the business of earning money, not charity, according to his statement.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, became a Republican in 2018. He has been called “an anti-capitalist who’s pro-socialism” by CNN. Reference: cnn elon musk.

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