Splinterlands Sells Out Of 1.5 Million NFT Card Booster Packs

You may have heard about the Splinterlands card booster packs from recently. The issue arose after some people bought them thinking they’d get a free booster pack for buying both a $40 pack and a $15 pack. So, to compensate, the developers admitted to adding an extra $2.50 to their sales to those who bought both packs. They were rewarded with a free pack for doing so, leaving the whole deal at a net cost of $37.50 . The booster packs only had 100 copies and sold out in less than 24 hours.

Back in April, Splinterlands announced that they had sold out of their 1.5 million NFT card booster packs from the original, digital Splinterlands. They later announced they would be reprinting the booster packs, but those prints have yet to ship.

When Splinterlands was released on Steam’s Early Access, the game quickly became a hit, with over a million copies sold of the game. But now, the game is gone forever, as the developers have announced that the game has sold out of all of its NFT Card Booster Packs.

Media, Pennsylvania, USA, 14. June 2021, The popular blockchain-based card game just sold out of its latest Untamed Edition boosters, totaling 1.5 million units. Media, PA, 14. June 2021 – Splinterlands, one of the most active and profitable games in the NFT industry, was Friday the 11th. June, is sold out of the current batch of booster packs after several days of sales. In the last 48 hours of availability, the $2 booster packs have been distributed at a rate of over 2,500 packs per hour. These unopened NFT packs will remain available for purchase on Splinterlands’ third-party peer-to-peer marketplaces at Atomic Hub (Blockchain WAX) and Hive Engine (Blockchain Hive), but no base boosts will be sold in the Splinterlands store until the release of the Legion of Chaos edition of the game later this year. New players will have to buy single cards from the Splinterlands marketplace or from DICE’s limited edition packs, of which there are nearly 150,000 left to accommodate the game’s growth. With loose cards and unopened Untamed packs in the possession of players and collectors, Splinterlands will no longer be able to offer a consistent price of $2 per pack. Instead, the value of all assets in the secondary markets is determined solely by the Company. The sudden sale of the Untamed booster pack quickly followed an NFT land sale in the upcoming Splinterlandsexpansion. In this expansion (scheduled for Q4 2021), players will be able to create their own NFT items and spells for use in the card game. These two asset sales followed the revelation that Splinterlands plans to launch a new control token for the game, called Splintershards (SPS). Whitepaper SPS describes the creation of an SPS Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for player management, private chip sales to new partners and game organizers, airdrop for all players and collectors, implementation of a new prediction system, and more. The issuance of SPS coins will begin in July 2021. on Splinterlands Founded in 2018, Splinterlands was one of the first games to use blockchain-based NFTs as in-game assets, allowing players to easily own, trade, and earn NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Splinterlands players have received millions of dollars in crypto and NFT assets, and Splinterlands players have played over 60 million games in total. The game has over 600,000 blockchain transactions per day, making it one of the most active blockchain games in the world.


Splinterlands is a card pack that was made by a Finnish company called “BitBay” , in conjunction with “Splinterlands Inc.” , a company that is based in Australia. The packs retail at $5.99 USD (5.00 €) each and contain booster packs for the game “Netrunner”. “BitBay” sells 1.5 million of the packs of cards for their customers, but they are sold out almost instantly. It was expected that the packs would last for a few months, but they were shipped out already in early December. Read more about splinterlands hive and let us know what you think.

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