Popular ‘90s snack Dunkaroos are back…as Ethereum NFTs |

When you buy tokens, there is a chance you will become very rich or lose your money. There are no guarantees, but it is likely those who have purchased tokens and are still holding them will be rich if the platform is a success. When you buy a collectable with the hope it will be worth more in the future, you are making a speculation. If the card is popular, there is a chance you will make a lot of money in the future if you hold onto it.

Remember Dunkaroos ? If you were a child in the ‘90s, you might. The snack was a favorite with kids then, but the brand was discontinued in 2000. Now the brand is back, but not in the way you might expect. According to a press release from blockchain company ConsenSys, Dunkaroos are now the very first non-fungible token (NFT) available to purchase on the Ethereum network.

US food company General Mills has released the first Dunkaroos non-playable tokens (NFTs), according to a tweet earlier this week.

NFTs… why not?

NFTs are blockchain-based representations of tangible or intangible objects that prove that their holders are the true owners of the underlying asset.

They were originally limited to blockchain-based art, virtual land and other cryptocurrency items, but have since been used for sneaker sales, real estate, cultural asset publishing, music albums…. and now for cookie tokens.

Introducing the new Dunkaroo Frosted Chips (NFT) – 90’s inspired art. You can own your favorite snack from the ’90s in NFT form and try our new flavor before it hits the market, the team wrote on Twitter.

Introducing the new Dunkaroo Frosted Chips (NFT) – 90’s inspired art. You can own your favorite 90’s snack as an NFT and try out our new flavor before it hits the market. Check them out: https://t.co/NB5BlUx3pY 100% of proceeds go to Feeding America® pic.twitter.com/0Fu0Mkf39E

– Dunkaroos (@Dunkaroos) April 28, 2021

Dunkaroos is a starter that was first published in 1990. It’s a snack pack of cookies and frosting, and it was one of the most popular snacks of the decade. The Dunkaroos were dropped in 2012, but are back in 2020.

In its announcement, Dunkaroos said it has minted 10 unique New Frosting Tokens (NFT) for fans to own original digital artwork from Dunkaroos and gain exclusive access to the first flavor of Dunkaroos chocolate.

Rarity indicates low

Ten Dunkaroos New Frosting tokens are available for trading on the NFT Rarible Ethereum marketplace until 6am. CT Saturday, 1. May. The highest bidder for each of the 10 Dunkaroos New Frosting tokens will be in possession of the digitally stamped artwork and receive a pack of Dunkaroos chocolates before they hit store shelves.

As you can see in the image below, the bids range from ETH 0.001 ($2.77) to ETH 0.01 ($277) at the time of publication.

Image: Rarity

Popular ‘90s snack Dunkaroos are back…as Ethereum NFTs |

This movement is not just for profit. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of Dunkaroos New Frosting chips will go to Feeding America, the nation’s largest anti-hunger organization dedicated to feeding people and solving the global hunger crisis.

Meanwhile, the broader NFT market appears to be suffering from a slowdown. Prices are falling and sales are steadily declining.

As reported last week, daily sales of NFTs fell 42.43% from $79.62 million on April 14 to $45.26 million on April 21, indicating that collectors are less willing to pay thousands or even millions of dollars for the digital certificates of ownership that are NFTs.

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Popular ‘90s snack Dunkaroos are back…as Ethereum NFTs |

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