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PRESS RELEASE. 9. April 2021, Delaware, USA – Social media has transformed the digital landscape, but people around the world are feeling more disconnected than ever. The big giants have successfully innovated, but the constant effort to make money in the name of corporate profits has eliminated interpersonal connections, turning the user into a product.

Omni turns this concept into something from the past and creates a real alternative to today’s social media platforms. Omni will present a holistic, user-centric ecosystem that rewards participation and creates new connections between users. Omni combines the best features available today in the world of social networks into one application, ideal for messaging, streaming, sharing and interacting with content and its creators. All of this fits perfectly with market-leading gamification, which offers users performance-based revenue in the form of OMNI tokens.

Omniscient announcement

As Omni moves closer to its goal of creating true online communities, the platform has already released its long-awaited white paper. A quick read shows users the immense value of Omni’s offerings and its commitment to helping them regain control of their online communications.

Readers of the white paper can learn more about Omni’s blockchain-based revenue sharing model. In short, every interaction through a mega social media app generates OMNI coins that can be redeemed within the app at a rate directly related to the company’s profits. Earning OMNI is easy and done passively while users do what they do every day anyway, like… B. Follow a message, share status updates, connect with new friends or broadcast live.

You will also receive valuable information about OMNI tokenomics. Readers can learn more about the long-term sustainability of the growth of the value of their own token. Relevant expertise on the use of investment funds, DEX listing plans and Omni’s marketing strategy will also be provided.

The reward structure in the white paper shows how engagement efforts are converted into redeemable coins that can be sold back to the company at a profit. Loyal users are richly rewarded, while content creators get a fair share of the profits for their hard work.

The white paper goes on to discuss Omni’s ambitious plan to become a true alternative to the major social media platforms, which are known for abandoning their users in the hopes of making more profit. By focusing on providing an experience beyond immersion, Omni’s white paper shows what social media should be.

Readers will also learn more about Omni’s integration plans with NFT. In short, content creators have the ability to easily transfer or license ownership of their works. By making NMT part of their value proposition, creators around the world will receive royalties in a fair and transparent way in the Omni Social ecosystem. Combined with the incentive of revenue sharing via OMNI tokens, the social media game turns into a real revenue stream.

Announcement of social attributes of the Most High

Omni is serious about reshaping the social media industry. Thus, Omni White Paper offers many features such as secret chats, e-commerce features, channels, viral content, duet and duet integration, etc. While these features are typically available in multiple social media applications, Omni combines them into one interface for a seamless user experience.

As mentioned in the Security and Privacy of User Data section, interactions between users, such as messages, are only accessible to the intended recipients. Omni doesn’t spy on everyone’s personal business, but creates an unprecedented connection with family, friends, brands, content creators and more.

About OmniAddressable Common Market

According to Statista, 3.6 billion people will use social media by 2020, and 4.41 billion are expected to do so by 2025. Omni spends millions of hours a day watching streams. Omni can therefore expect a huge influx of users, content creators and brands in the coming years. The app’s potential is almost limitless, as it retains the best of social media while eliminating anything users don’t like. This issue is discussed at length in the Market Analysis and Competition Landscape Section of the White Paper.

With these aspects, Omni has said goodbye to clunky user interfaces, lack of synergy, intrusive ads and privacy issues, and set a new standard in the social media industry. It’s finally time to embrace real user engagement based on fun incentives, with enough functionality to be a real competitor to today’s social media giants.

Don’t be a product of the environment. Make your environment your product. Visit the Omni website today for more information at

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