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Metaverse is a decentralized platform built on top of the blockchain that adds levels of trust, transparency and security to its users. With no central hub or entity in charge Metaverse offers an alternative where identity can be assigned by one’s peers instead of government-issued documents. This means it could have huge implications for personal data privacy around the globe.,

Facebook Metaverse is a virtual reality platform that is owned by Facebook. ProVsCons presents the pros and cons of this project. Read more in detail here: what is facebook metaverse.

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Facebook’s name was changed to Meta a few years ago. It resulted in two things: a sharp spike in interest in Metaverse and the spread of misinformation about it.

Facebook and its Horizon World are not the Metaverse, despite the fact that their new moniker is derived from it. The true Metaverse doesn’t even exist yet.

Let’s expand.

There isn’t a metaverse yet:

Although Metaverse doesn’t really exist, many news stories and blog postings treat it as if it did. It’s now at the conceptual stage, and no firm is cooperating with it to make it a reality.

The concepts of augmented reality and virtual worlds are not new. Second Life has been since 2003, while the term “Metaverse” was first used in 1992. But the Metaverse is not a virtual realm.

VRChat, Horizon Worlds, Microsoft’s Mesh, Minecraft, Fortnite, Decentraland, and other virtual worlds (VW) are just a few examples. These, however, are not yet linked to one another. 

Our digital assets also cannot be moved from one VW to another. Only when these virtual worlds are linked and have interoperability will the metaverse really exist. 

The internet is not created when a business links all of its PCs to an internal network. Similar to how Horizon Worlds is not the Metaverse, neither is a single virtual world.

These VWs are nothing more than Second Life-like VR applications without compatibility.

Another important condition applies to Metaverse. Any business that wishes to participate in the Metaverse must enable people to access it through any device, including a PC, Web browser, phone, tablet, AR, VR, and consoles. Unfortunately, no firm has included this capability in their virtual world.

Horizon Worlds on Facebook:

The Metaverse is not Facebook’s Horizon World. It contains a universe. A Metaverse may include millions of universes. For instance, is not the internet, even if there are millions of websites.

The Horizon Worlds is nothing more than an Oculus VR application. It is comparable to Second Life, Decentraland, and VRChat.

Facebook’s Function

The development of the Metaverse is still in its infancy. Its future is unknown. Facebook is aware that no one firm can invent it. It’s for this reason that Mark Zuckerberg keeps stating that they aim to be a leading Metaverse corporation.

There is a minute difference. Internet-related businesses also exist. There will also be Metaverses and Metaverse businesses, Facebook being one of them. The Metaverse won’t belong to anybody.

Horizon Worlds: Will It Fail?

Not every product a business produces is a big success. For instance, Google has introduced several products throughout the years, many of which have been a failure. Even if the idea and benefits of these technologies were enormous, Google Glass, the Balloon internet project, modular phones, Google+, etc. all failed. 

Mark’s obsession is Oculus and Horizon World. He is urging it because of this. Virtual worlds and VR, however, use outdated technologies. It was never widely accepted. It’s only used fervently by a small community.

3D television and movie theaters were once popular, but their commercial success gradually faded.

The virtual world has been unable to draw people for the last 20 years. What makes this time different from the last?

Horizon Worlds on Facebook doesn’t solve issues:

Any product’s primary objective is to solve our everyday issues and simplify our lives. 

As an example, the Uber app is well-liked since it streamlines the ride-hailing procedure. We can now watch TV series and movies on demand without advertisements thanks to Netflix and other streaming providers. Similar to how GPS, iPhones, the internet, Facebook, etc., these things are successful because they improved our quality of life.

Some of the most well-known forums are Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, but Google+ was a failure. It’s because Google+ didn’t offer us anything unique.

A good product must minimize consumers’ physical activity while also saving them time and money. Horizon Worlds on Facebook accomplishes none of these.

Mark Zuckerberg often said in interviews that one day we will have virtual meetings, buy online, and go to concerts in the Metaverse. But neither do they save us time nor do they make our lives simpler. It is much simpler to use Zoom, Amazon, and UberEats.

Facebook is pressing ahead with its Oculus Quest VR headsets even though a VR device wouldn’t be required to enter the Metaverse. 

Excellent VR experiences can be had. However, there is one issue. Many users of VR reported experiencing headaches, nausea, and an eyesore. VR therefore requires physical effort. These symptoms are also brought on by 3D TVs with 3D glasses, which is why they were never popular.

When we watch TV, play video games, or use our phones, we don’t need to engage in any physical exercise. Enjoying without engaging in physical activity is the basic idea of relaxation. However, VR applications and games need mobility. It’s enjoyable at first. But it isn’t for most individuals. Everyone wants to unwind after a hard day at work, but the metaverse and VR technology can’t do that.


None of the following are part of the Metaverse: Microsoft’s Mesh, Decentraland, Minecraft, Horizon Worlds, Second Life, etc. These will be a component of the Metaverse when it materializes. Facebook is only one of the businesses attempting to participate in the Metaverse.

“How to join metaverse” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question is “yes.” Metaverse is the name given to the cryptocurrency created by Facebook. Reference: how to join metaverse.

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