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While the price of bitcoin has been consolidating for some time, bulls are occasionally trying to push the price up and surpass the psychological high set in March. Meanwhile, some Bitcoiners say the bull market has only just begun, even though the price has already risen several times. Financial entrepreneur Dave Levin can take some credit for these claims, after insisting that the bottom was out in December 2018. Levin truly believes that as far as bull running goes, this is the third one. The year of the bullpen is; the top of the 7. Channel.

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For a large group of investors who have seen the asset grow, it is obvious that it will continue to grow for a very long time. Of course, many cryptocurrency proponents are betting on the long term and are willing to hold their crypto assets for 5, 10, even 20 years or more. There are also many people who have high hopes for the current bull market, and price expectations for this year are running into the six figures.

For example, there is the infamous creator of the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (S2F) Plan B pricing model (@100trillionusd) who is very confident in his model. In late March, Plan B said it believed the bull market was only four months old and far from over, adding that bitcoin was just getting started. A number of people who responded to Plan B’s tweet believed him and agreed with his assessment. However, not everyone agrees with him that the bull market is only 4 months old.

explains why he thinks the bitcoin bull run has only just begun.

Investor Says Bitcoin Bull Run Is Not Just Getting Started, Run-up Is in the ‘Top of the 7th Inning’ – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

Financial entrepreneur Dave Levin responded in a tweet on the 26th. Marching on Plan B and completely contradicting his statement. The low point was $3,000 [in December 2018], Levin noted in his tweet. Since then, the upward curve has remained stable. This is the third one. Year of the bullpen; top of the 7th. Channel. It’s not over yet, but buying more now is late and slow. Newcomers who think this is a start and start buying now will be REKTs, Levin added.

Levin even made a video about it, explaining in detail why he thinks it’s irresponsible to say that Plan B has only just begun. Levine is right that major crypto assets have bottomed out, as it did on the 18th. December 2018 melted to a low of $3,100 per unit. People may be confused about the Black Swan that took place on the 12th. March 2020, also known as Black Thursday, has taken place. BTC reached a low in the $3,000 range at that time, but all assets, stocks and commodities fell in value and at the same rate that day.

In this video, fuck [Plan B] for that tweet, Levin said. Bitcoin is not just the beginning. The bull run has begun in 2019, and it’s dangerous not to let newcomers know that it’s too late to get into the latest cryptocurrency, Levine directed on the 9th. Less April.

Dave Levine: I hate graphs that go straight up.

Levin points out in his video that while many crypto fans are smart, some digital currency investors just go along with the hype. They like diagrams because that’s all they have. …. This has nothing to do with Bitcoin, right? Not like Ethereum, where you actually have an economy. So they like graphs, and they like graphs that go straight up. I hate charts that go straight up. Especially if I want to join in, Levin insists.

Link to $3,122 The $18,000 in this chart is associated with the 18th inning. December 2018 highlighted. At that point, Levine thinks the bottom has been reached and the rise has begun.

Investor Says Bitcoin Bull Run Is Not Just Getting Started, Run-up Is in the ‘Top of the 7th Inning’ – Markets and Prices Bitcoin News

The entrepreneur is a supporter of the Ethereum network (ETH), and this is consistently reflected in his content. Some cryptocurrency advocates may not even be happy with Levin’s opinion, as he prefers ETH. However, several fans of digital assets backed Levin’s argument and responded to his statements on Twitter. For example, the popular crypto Youtuber of the show Colin Says Crypto responded to Levin’s tweet about the latest crypto currency.

You’re absolutely right, Colin. We’re in a rush, not a fling. Anyone who uses this common terminology and says we’re just getting started is misleading new buyers, at least in terms of the current bitcoin price cycle. I even made a video about it. Similar concept. Why I don’t recommend my friends to buy BTC now. I tell the story of a friend of mine who ran into a bull and what happened to him.

We don’t know exactly when this period officially began, as many observers disagree, especially if they came to market early. Moreover, we do not know what the peak will be during this rise, nor do we know exactly when it will occur.

What we do know is that there can be a lot of real conversations on both sides of the fence, and ultimately it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not to become a crypto investor at that point. People need to listen to both interpretations and make up their own minds, because it’s not necessarily good to listen to the FUD or the hype and accept everything. Watch Dave Levine’s video below to see what he has to say about the Plan B statement that just started.

What do you think of Dave Levin’s opinion in his latest video? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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