Influxo launches a collection featuring FIFA world player Ronaldinho

Influxo launches a collection featuring FIFA world player Ronaldinho Influxo is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform based on the ERC-20 token standard. It is designed to carry out various functions related to the management of cryptocurrencies. Among those functions are the provision of a secure infrastructure for trading cryptocurrency assets, the prevention of double spending and the facilitation of token sales. It is maintained by the Influxo Foundation, which has the mission to promote the development of the blockchain technology and the development of the Influxo ecosystem.

Influxo is an exciting new cryptocurrency that is gaining in popularity. If you already know what cryptocurrency is, then you may be aware of the fact that the price of it is skyrocketing. If you don’t, cryptocurrency will help you understand exactly what it is by explaining that it’s best described as the future of money.

Influxo is a new cryptocurrency that is open to all investors. They have recently released their second ICO on the 27th of January, which will exclusively feature the world’s best player, Ronaldinho. Influxo’s founder, who is also the CEO of the company, has stated that the company has received thousands of requests to bring Ronaldinho out of retirement, but due to his age, they have decided to release a limited edition of the coins.

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• The Influxo auction will begin with a $20,000 USDT starting bid, and the creative agency promises an additional collection of low-cost sports cards, as well as raffles.

Influxo, a non-fungible tokens creative firm, has released a new FIFA-inspired NFT collection. The firm incorporated cards from Ronaldinho, one of the most well-known Brazilian soccer players of all time, in this project. This NFT creative studio collection will be a one-time edition with a lot of value.

NFT collections are upmarket in the Influxo market, thus transactions to the agency are secure.

INFLUXO’s objectives in the NFT market

The creative agency aims to act as a link between prominent users and NFTs. The Influxo team curates the finest personal and collectable collections to be auctioned online.

The studio’s inaugural auction will feature the “Ronaldinho” collection, which includes one-of-a-kind items from the soccer star. On a day set by the agency, even some additional items will be auctioned.

The CEO of Influxo thinks his efforts and auction system are helping to grow the NFT industry. When using the exclusive virtual tokens, the user may enjoy a rewarding experience.

NFT’s platform is dependable, and it will continue to promote that concept among consumers after its maiden auction. The Ronaldinho collection is only the beginning of Influxo’s plans to offer consumers NFT auctions.

Ronaldinho, a professional soccer player, is a supporter of the NFT and says it reminds him of his youth when he used to collect cards of his favorite players. Non-fungible tokens, according to the former Brazilian team midfielder, connect the virtual and actual worlds.

Fans of Ronaldinho may now purchase an essential item that will remember them of the soccer star’s greatest moments. For soccer lovers, the virtual soccer cards and artworks will be a priceless treasure.

Auction of soccer cards

Influxo will auction off at least seven NFT soccer cards in the coming days. The initial worth of Ronaldinho cards will be more than 20.000 USDT.

The winning auctioneers will get the non-fungible token as well as a meeting with Ronaldinho in Dubai in 2022. A round flight to the Arab nation, a lavish supper, and a date with Ronaldinho are all part of the campaign.

Before bidding, each participant in the auction must demonstrate that he or she has sufficient financial power in crypto and a portfolio of at least 10,000 USDT.

In a share transfer, non-fungible tokens on sports cards will also be auctioned for 299 USDT. This set will include six cards as well as one additional launch token.

The Ronaldinho meeting in Dubai will be open to bidders who hold all of the sports cards. This NFT sports auction, however, is not for everyone.

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