Grow House NFT game lets you earn cryptocurrencies while growing cannabis

Cannabis is becoming mainstream, and more and more people have come to the realization that this plant has a lot of benefits. The negative stigma has been replaced with a general acceptance of the benefits of ingesting cannabis and its extracts, and the boom in states that have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use are showing us that all is not doom and gloom when it comes to cannabis.

The Grow House game from the NFT platform allows users to earn cryptocurrencies by growing various strains of marijuana. The game is based on a real world market; users can buy and sell grow houses, which are virtual containers where plants are grown. The game is aimed at the cannabis community, as it is thought to be a fun way to learn about cannabis.

Cannabis growers have been looking for ways to earn cryptocurrencies and the only way to grow cannabis is by growing it. The problem is, most cannabis growers usually end up producing low quality cannabis. So, how do you solve this? By creating a game that let’s you not only grow cannabis but also earn cryptocurrencies.. Read more about future of cryptocurrency 2021 and let us know what you think.

Summary of the situation – Grow House is the only NFT game that combines cannabis with crypto-currencies. – Grow House opens on the 1st. Launching in June. Grow House has created the first online metaverse for all cannabis and crypto-currency enthusiasts. The NFT game has become very popular from the beginning because of its unique virtual reality system. This company is a veteran of blockchain games, but this time it has incorporated cannabis as a new idea. The decentralized cannabis game aims to educate and entertain users with crypto-currencies. Grow House is a virtual world similar to Farmvill where users grow and cultivate digital cannabis.

Start of the game NFT

Set Grow House opens on the 1st. June starts at 1pm and is trading on BSCPad, Pancakeswap and ZeroGravity. The game benefited from a pre-release during which he could sell all his private seeds to fans. This includes partners such as Polygon, Aave, Tether, Zokyo, Souljaboy, Specter, Dextools and others. Other investors in Grow House include Juicy Fields, 0.Exchange, IDO Booster and MYNT. The NFT game is based on MATIC, which solved the speed and cost problems of Ethereum technology. The game has been in development for over 12 months, but is just days away from release. Freelance social media writer @Hightimes, @Money and @Marijuana, Brandon Hampton, is a video game director. Hampton spent a lot of time and resources on the video game to make it a success.

What are we talking about?

Grow House is very similar to Farmville, but instead of fruits and vegetables, users can grow digital cannabis. Users can earn special $GROW tokens, complete the NFT and learn a little more about cannabis cultivation. The NFT game has the support for mass adoption at launch and the ability for users to earn money. People can grow NFT weed flowers in the video game, earn tokens and use them to improve the farm. Users can also bet crypto-currencies to earn bonus points. When you join the game, you can do it alone or in company to grow faster. After the pre-launch, the NFT game was well received. Once the user gets their plot, they can start the game by planting cannabis flowers and helping others water their plants. When you water your neighbors’ plants in Grow House, you can earn seeds that you can save and then use to buy cryptocurrencies. With all the points the user earns in the game, he can improve his farm, buy items and seeds, and do other interesting things. You can form cooperative teams to manage NFT farms and earn rewards. It is an interactive game that allows players to have fun. Grow House has many sponsors, but one of the most important is Juicy Fields. It is possible that the game will get more new features after launch, which the creators say they are looking forward to.The cannabis industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and there’s an ever-increasing need for automated farming technology to make growing as efficient as possible. That’s why a start-up team of three people have created Orbotics, a blockchain-powered gaming platform that uses smart contracts to trade cannabis seeds, while players grow their own cannabis plants and earn cryptocurrency in the process.. Read more about next bitcoin stock and let us know what you think.

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