Ethiopian government to use Cardano blockchain to benefit 5 million students

IOHK, a global Cardano blockchain research and development company, has announced a partnership with the Ethiopian government, according to a statement distributed on .

The transformation of blockchain-based education in Ethiopia is an important step in IOHK’s mission to provide economic identity and employment, as well as social and financial services to the digitally excluded, John O’Connor, IOHK’s director of African operations, said in a statement.

He added: After five years of research and development, Cardano is now mature enough to support a scalable blockchain solution for the entire population.

What would the world look like if everyone had an equal opportunity to innovate, grow and prosper?

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– InputOutputHK (@InputOutputHK) April 26, 2021

Education sees blockchain gaining ground

A national, blockchain-based student and teacher identity and performance tracking system will be implemented to digitally verify learning outcomes, remotely monitor school performance, and improve education and employment levels across the country.

IOHK’s Atala PRISM identification solution will enable agencies to create tamper-proof performance records for 3,500 schools, 5 million students and 750,000 teachers to accurately identify where and why there is poor performance and to allocate educational resources efficiently.

The aim is to provide all students with blockchain-validated digital qualifications to reduce fraudulent applications to universities and jobs and increase social mobility by enabling employers to verify the grades of all applicants without third-party intervention.

The government is also providing tablet computers and a dedicated internet network to all teachers and students to give all students immediate access to their study achievements and to provide higher education and employment opportunities to 80% of Ethiopia’s rural population.

Student identification data is accompanied by data from learning management systems and used by machine learning algorithms to manage personalized learning, dynamic curricula, and data-driven policy and funding.

As a result, Ethiopia is exploring wider application of IOHK’s Atala products, including the PRISM platform, for everything from blockchain-based small-scale tracking of the agricultural supply chain to digital identification numbers for transportation or healthcare. IOHK is already negotiating a blockchain-based digital ticketing system in Addis Ababa.

Use Cardano for good

IOHK’s Cardano blockchain will enable accurate tracking of grades, behavior, attendance and performance of everyone in all kindergartens, elementary and comprehensive high schools.

Teachers also use the system to manage timetables or transfers and to report behaviour or absence. Eventually, the project could be extended to universities, where degrees are also digitally verified on the Cardano blockchain, allowing employers to easily verify the authenticity of applicants’ educational credentials.

IOHK has long recognized that developing countries can gain a unique advantage from blockchain technology, as they lack integrated, outdated digital systems, and blockchain is cheaper than cumbersome infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the company is already working with other governments to use blockchain to digitize government services. This includes a project with the Georgian Ministry of Education that uses Atala’s products as the basis for a blockchain-based system to verify university degrees.

This project could be the spark for a wave of third-generation innovation across Africa and the developing world, bringing vital services to those previously cut off.

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Ethiopian government to use Cardano blockchain to benefit 5 million students

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