Bitcoin Cash price prediction: BCH fall below $1,400 support, what’s next for the crypto?

Yesterday’s bitcoin cash price fall below $1,400 support against the US Dollar. BCH/USD started a fresh downside wave and traded below $1,500. There was a break below a major bullish trend line with support at $1,580 on the hourly chart of the BCH/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair is currently testing the $1,440 level and it could decline further.

The price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has declined recently against the US Dollar. BCH/USD is currently below $1,400 and could extend declines toward $1,350. Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: BCH Fall Below $1,400 Support The BCH price against the US Dollar declined sharply and traded below the $1,450 and $1,400 support levels. BCH/USD is facing a lot of bearish pressure and it may extend decline below the $1,350 level. Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction Yesterday, we saw a major downside move below the $1,400 support in bitcoin cash against the US Dollar. The BCH/USD pair declined heavily and broke the key

Summary of the situation

  • Bitcoin cash price expected to fall further
  • The next support level is at $1250.
  • BCH faces resistance at $1600

After the price of bitcoin cash reached the $1,500 mark, it failed to rise further and has continued to fall ever since. While buyers are defending the price at just below $1360, bullish pressure has increased recently and as a result, the price of Bitcoin Cash will move above $1360 in the near term.

The broad crypto-currency market has been bullish over the past seven days, with most major crypto-currencies posting gains during this time frame. The main players were ADA and DOGE, which recorded increases of 32.77% and 37.36% respectively. Meanwhile, Bitcoin and Ethereum posted gains of 2.37% and 32.27%, respectively.

Technical indicators for BCH/USDT

Technical indicators for Tradingview BCH/USDT

As for the technical indicators, the MACD shows bearish momentum. Although the histogram is still in the red at the time of writing, its size has shrunk significantly as the price of bitcoin cash has remained just above the 40.00 mark. In addition, the 26-EMA is still trading above the 12-EMA, the difference between the two is significant and the likelihood that they will show a reversal is small.

The RSI is currently in neutral territory, just below 56.00, and giving no signals. The indicator has been trading in the neutral zone for the past three days. At the time of publication, the RSI made another small jump into overbought territory, suggesting buyer resistance.

The Bollinger Bands are currently narrow, but will widen rapidly in the near future as the bulls take control of the market dynamics. The widening of bands suggests that the volatility of the BCH price is increasing in the short term. However, when the price consolidates below the centerline of the bars, the bars tilt downward into the following candles.

Overall, the technical analysis on the 4-hour chart gives a buy signal, with 12 of the 26 major technical indicators pointing to a bullish move. On the other hand, only five indicators are giving sell signals, indicating a bearish pullback. Meanwhile, nine indicators continue to lag, supporting neither side of the market.

The 24-hour technical analysis confirms this assessment and also gives a buy signal, as 14 of the 26 indicators show upward movement and only three indicators show downward movement. Meanwhile, nine indicators remain neutral and give no signal at the time of writing.

What can you expect from Bitcoin Cash exchange rate?

4-hour Tradingview price chart

Bitcoin Cash price prediction: BCH fall below $1,400 support, what’s next for the crypto?

The price of Bitcoin Cash is under heavy downward pressure after shedding the $1,600 level. Buyers failed to hold BCH above the $1,400 support level, leading to a further decline in prices. At the moment, traders should expect the price of Bitcoin Cash to continue to fall as the next support level is at $1,250.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will BCH go back up?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been surrounded by speculation over the past few weeks. After the recent announcement by Coinbase that they would not be adding any new cryptocurrencies, rumors began to spread that the exchange was planning on adding Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This caused a spike in the cryptocurrency’s value that brought the coin to the $2400 mark. Then, the announcement was followed by the listing of the alt-coin on the Coinbase exchange platform, and the coin has not been able to regain that price since. When the markets are up, it seems like they can only go up, but when the markets are down, they can only go down. This is a concept that many traders have learned the hard way. And it is precisely this concept that has made Bitcoin Cash (BCH) the subject of speculation in the last couple of days. As a matter of fact, BCH has been falling for the last 48 hours and it seems like there is no end in sight.

Is BCH a good investment 2021?

The popularity of Bitcoin Cash has risen over the years. While this cryptocurrency is one of the most popular in the world, it does not mean that it is a good investment. A lot of investors are always looking for the next big thing. It seems that many of them are finding it in Bitcoin Cash. This cryptocurrency has a lot of potential, especially when you look at the market cap. (Note: Since this is a fake blog I added a link to a fake Bitcoin Cash exchange.) BONUS: Fake Cover Letter I will give you a cover letter that I wrote for my target job. I know it is not perfect but it shows you how to write a better cover letter for your own job. The name of the target The future of cryptocurrency is bright. There is just no doubt about it. With the advent of new projects that are being introduced almost on a daily basis, and with the value of the existing coins being constantly on the rise, crypto is here to stay. But how do you choose which coins to invest in and which to avoid? How do you know which projects will succeed and which will fail? How can you avoid scams and get a good return on your investment?

What will Bitcoin cash be worth in 2030?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency that has been in existence for 2.5 years. However, as the name suggests, it is a spinoff of Bitcoin (BTC), this happened on 1st August 2017. The main reason that led to its creation was the size of blocks.  During the time of its existence, it has been battling the battle of being known as a better alternative to Bitcoin, with the Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2025 being higher than the price of Bitcoin itself.  However, until now, it has been a tough battle for it as the Bitcoin Cash price prediction 2025 remains in the $300-$450 range. The bitcoin cash price today is $3,207.99, which means that each unit of BCH is worth $3,207.99. As the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency, bitcoin’s price is important because it affects all other cryptocurrencies. The bitcoin cash price today is $3,207.99, which means that each unit of BCH is worth $3,207.99. As the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency, bitcoin’s price is important because it affects all other cryptocurrencies. But how does the bitcoin cash price work and why was it created? What will the price of Bitcoin cash be in 2025? Are we in a bitcoin cash price bubble? What are the factors that influence the price of bitcoin cash? ~~

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