Best NFT Marketplace in 2021

BitBay is a decentralized, crypto-to-crypto marketplace, that provides a place where buyers and sellers can sell NFT items. In this marketplace, users are able to list items such as digital art and digital collectibles, as well as buy and sell digital goods.

The cryptocurrency market is continuing to be a dominant force in the financial sector, with its current valuation at $830 billion, it is the most significant force in the industry. From the initial launch of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have picked up speed and have become a multi-billion dollar industry. But which exchange platform has proven itself the most efficient? What would be the best NFT market in 2021?

The non-playable chips (NFT)… They are everywhere, and absolutely everyone is happy with them. Even those who weren’t initially very interested in digital products are now getting into the business. Millions of copies of NFTs are sold, whether it’s artwork, trading cards, games or music. Suddenly NFT took what would have been a simple design and turned it into something new. But since you are desperate for NFT to spend your money, where can you find the best NFT deal?

That’s a good question, because there are countless different companies advertising NFT in a wide variety of areas. There are in-game items in large virtual worlds that offer basically the same kind of NFT as the 8-bit PNGs found in auction houses. For a newcomer to the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, it can all be very confusing. Not anymore, because we are trying to find the best NFT marketplaces where you can buy the next Picasso.

What is NFT?

First of all, it might be time to dive a little deeper into the subject of NFT before we let you be guided to the best NFT marketplace. First, NFTs are known as unplayable chips. So each NFT is basically a mining token, a cryptocurrency, so to speak. The NFT uses blockchain technology and is a digital asset that is minted on the blockchain network. This printing process creates a digital record of its creation and existence.

In short, NFTs are able to provide easily verifiable evidence of their authenticity and thus their rarity. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for NFTs. A simple JPEG illustration that you upload can be downloaded by anyone. But if you print it as an NFT, people can see that there are only 10 of these coins and prove that you are the creator. It is still digital, but by converting it to NFT, owners can show that they own a rare item.

Where are the best NFT marketplaces located?

Thanks to Blockchain, NFTs have been able to initiate a new era of digitization, where we now have digital native assets that can become rare, just like the real, unique image and so on. NFT is not just about art, as we see the concept being applied to many areas. Thus, in-game items, such as weapons and armor in an RPG or cars and upgrades in a racing game, can be converted to NFT.

Today, there are MLB baseball cards or NBA basketball cards, and a whole host of game or trading cards that have become NFT. Music, merchandise, collectibles and more became NFT. One of the side effects of this development is the ability to assign value to real, tangible objects, where what was once only a digital asset can now be exchanged for real money. So if you want to be part of this new era, here are some of the best NFT marketplaces, just for you…..

1. WAX’s Atomic Hub

Best NFT Marketplace in 2021

WAX has recently become one of the most active blockchains in history, thanks to a rapidly growing user base and new partnerships with many iconic A-list brands, companies and celebrities. WAX’s latest NFT collections include those from Topps, such as the aforementioned MLB baseball cards, Godzilla, Garbage Pail Kids and more. Deadmau5 has launched his own WAX merchandise collection, and Atari and Capcom’s Street Fighter have also joined their collections.

The most popular NFT-based game, Alien Worlds, was also created and runs on WAX. All this and more makes WAX one of the best NFT marketplaces, simply because of the quality and the possibility to get these unique collections and packs. Their main marketplace is the Atomic Hub, where over 32,000,000 NFTs have already been created, with up to 50,000 individual sales per day.

2. OpenSea

Best NFT Marketplace in 2021

OpenSea has the honor of being one of the first and largest NFT market by volume. Here you will find NFEs in a wide variety of genres, from the most common – illustrations – to music tracks, trading cards, videos, virtual worlds, all kinds of collectibles, sports cards, and even domain names of websites that you can buy. Whether it’s 2D, 3D or fully interactive, you’re sure to find something fun and interesting on OpenSea.

Some of the most popular collections are Gutter Cat Gang, where you’ll find adorable interstellar cat avatars, or VoxoDeus Minter, a huge collection of over 6,313 unique voxel-based fantasy avatars to play with. OpenSea has plenty of NFT music, including a collection of 41 digitized images of the original RIAA-certified gold record by The Breaks, the 1980s album that helped define hip-hop and rap music to this day.

3. Rare

Best NFT Marketplace in 2021

Rarible is another great marketplace for NFTs, with the same large number of categories to choose from. Digital art, photos, games, music, domains, memes and even DeFi offerings are for sale. No lack of creativity, as the energy of Rarible on its homepage proves. Check out how cool this fully animated digital model of a 1960 Ferrari 250 GTO is. Rarible’s Twitter page also seems to be very active, listing the best NFT collections each week.

There are some adorable NFTs, like this limited edition collection of 200 3D cats with voxel patterns. Or the Bored Ape Yacht Club, where you buy one of 10,000 painted monkeys, which is both a great piece of art to admire and a membership to the club where you can get extra perks, like a commemorative graffiti. Even Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a collection of animated GIFs you can buy on Rarible.

4. Nifty Gateway

Best NFT Marketplace in 2021

While the previous stores on this list are malls, Nifty Gateway is an upscale, luxury department store on Fifth Avenue. Nifty is no different – it is a place where you can buy and sell NFTs. The main difference, however, is that these are some of the most beautiful and expensive NFTs in the world, beautifully crafted and patronized by the richest NFT aficionados. The prices you find on NFT at Nifty Gateway can only be surpassed by auction houses.

It is very common for individual copies of NFT to sell for hundreds of thousands or millions each on Nifty. Beeple, the artist responsible for the most expensive NFT in history, with a price tag of $69 million, regularly sells his creations on Nifty Gateway. Justin Roiland, the man behind the Rick and Morty series, recorded a few episodes of NFT there. World famous artists and designers like Kenny Scharf, Grimes and Playboy magazine also have NFT collections on Nifty.

5. Enjin

Best NFT Marketplace in 2021

It is interesting to note that Enjin is not just an NFT marketplace. Enjin is a proprietary ecosystem with a powerful underlying blockchain where you can create and, more importantly, play NFT-based games. There are already some very interesting games, such as. B. Age Of Rust, a sci-fi adventure, RPG and survival game set in space. There is also the 9Lives Arena, where you can participate in competitive role-playing games with other players and fighting games.

Enjin also creates a multiverse in which games developed by different studios and completely different from each other allow players to interact seamlessly between these worlds, a la Ready Player One. Each of these games has NFTs, including items such as weapons, armor, potions, materials, character skins, and more, which can be bought and sold on the Enjin NFT Marketplace. In this case, you can not only benefit from the NFT, but also use it to help you in the fight.


Finally, there are a lot of stores and chains where you can buy NFTs, and our list for finding the best place that sells NFTs could go on endlessly if we covered them all. Let’s not forget Decentraland, Enjin’s competitor, where you played a Sims-like role-playing game and could buy clothes or real estate and form a team with your friends in a huge virtual world. Instead of paying to win, NFT moved the games to a mechanic that allows players to win in real time.

As for art and other collectibles, there’s no shortage of NFT marketplaces like Foundation, SuperRare or MakersPlace. The NFT is magical, whether you’re a collector in search of the rarest diamonds in the bowels of the earth, a nostalgic fan of an old baseball card brought back to life, or a hardcore gamer excited about the modern game….. Our guide to the best NFT markets is just the beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which NFT marketplace is best?

The best NFT marketplace is the one that has the most liquidity and volume. What is the best way to buy NFTs? The best way to buy NFTs is through a trusted marketplace. What is the best way to sell NFTs? The best way to sell NFTs is through a trusted marketplace.

What is the best website to sell NFTs?

The best website to sell NFTs is

Which wallet is the best for NFT?

The best wallet for NFT is the one that supports the most NFTs.

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