BC Vault Review: BC Vault One, A Game Changer Hardware Wallet?

The BC Vault One is the latest hardware device that can hold multiple cryptocurrencies, perfect for players who are looking to diversify their digital assets. The wallet has been slated as a game-changer in the cryptocurrency world and its sleek design will appeal to many users.

The “bc vault backup” is a device that allows users to store their cryptocurrency offline. It is a game changer for the hardware wallet industry.

Today I’ll be reviewing the BC Vault One hardware wallet. I used to suggest Leger Nano X and Trezor model One whenever someone asked what are the most budget hardware wallets without sacrificing security. However, I am now included another hardware wallet in the inexpensive category, the BC Vault One basic hardware wallet.

One of the finest economical hardware wallets I discovered. In my BC Vault One review, I’ll go over all of the advantages and disadvantages of this hardware wallet so you can decide whether to purchase it or go with alternative choices like the Ledger Nano X or Trezor Model T. (Those are the one of the best hardware wallets also).

BC Vault Review: BC Vault One, A Game Changer Hardware Wallet?

BC Vault is a private operating system enabled hardware wallet that I endorse. So, what are the benefits and drawbacks of the BC Vault One hardware wallet?

Everything about this hardware wallet is a disaster. This gadget has various drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at this hardware wallet.


Review of BC Vault


  • It may be used by several people at the same time.
  • Plastic body of superior quality
  • Affordably priced at $140
  • It produces distinct private keys for installed wallets, unlike other hardware wallets.
  • The display is 2.42 inches wide. Weight: 41 grams
  • Because it lacks a serial number, no one, even the manufacturer, can tell which gadget you’re using.
  • Non-deterministic wallet with a proprietary and secure seed generation technique
  • They support over 2000 currencies and tokens, all of which are available via their official app.
  • 1 BTC is pre-loaded, and it is yours as a reward if you unlock it.
  • It’s possible to utilize it as a Google security key.
  • At any one moment, it can store up to 2000 wallets.


  • Every time you install a new wallet, you must refresh the recovery backup.
  • No wifi connection, no battery
  • There is no mobile application.

BC Vault Review: BC Vault One, A Game Changer Hardware Wallet?

In the Container

The BC Vault One Box contains the following items:

  • The hardware crypto vault BC Vault One
  • Sticker
  • USB Type-C cable
  • User guide
  • MicroSD card, 1 GB
  • 1 webcam protection cover

One Price BC Vault

Beginning with the pricing. The cost is €131.1. You’ll have to pay roughly $140 in US dollars, and around 11000 in Indian rupees.

Special Offer:

BC Vault Review: BC Vault One, A Game Changer Hardware Wallet?

Because of security concerns, I suggest purchasing this gadget straight from BC Vault’s official website.

Design & Features

BC Vault 2.42 inches is the size of one display. The display is pretty big, thus the complete address of BTC and other currencies can be clearly viewed.

It has a directional keypad and a single confirmation button in the middle. The navigation keypad will be utilized, and the center button will be used for selection and payment confirmation.

You have an SD card slot where you may put a backup card. This SD card slot will be used to create a backup.

For your information, you will get a complimentary 1GB card with this hardware wallet. This card will also be used to keep the recovery seed backup. This hardware wallet allows you to generate several backups.

It features a type C connection with a temperature-proof seal. Check for the seal; if it is missing, do not use this hardware wallet. It’d be moderated.

The body is made of plastic, and the plastic utilized is of high quality. The plastic is of acceptable quality. It is not inexpensive, but it is quite excellent and gives you a premium sense when you touch it in your hands.

It also features a flip screen feature. The BC Vault One is designed for both left and right-handed persons.

For example, if you are left-handed, like I am, you may use this gadget with ease owing to the flip screen option.

The majority of businesses overlook this simple fact. They always build gadgets with right-handed users in mind. They never consider persons who are left-handed. I believe the BC Vault team has a left-handed member or members, which is why I believe they have considered this. Just joking!

However, this is a very remarkable phenomenon. Because of the flip-screen feature, this gadget may be utilized by both left and right-handed users.

BC Vault One hardware wallet is 41 grams in weight. It is quite lightweight. For example, in my last video, I tested the BC Vault Gunmetal Customized hardware wallet, which weighed 85 grams; in comparison, model One weighs half as much and costs one-third as much.

User-friendly Wallet

It’s a multi-user hardware wallet, which means it may be used by numerous people. This hardware wallet may be shared with your friends or family. If your friends or family members want to keep their money in your hardware wallet, they may do so with BC Vault since different wallets can be produced at the same time. Your personal information will be kept separate from theirs.

It is possible to create up to 2000 distinct wallets.

Coins from the BC Vault One

It supports around 2000 coins when it comes to coin support.

And what is the most enjoyable aspect?

All of the supporting currencies may be accessed via a single official app.

To access currencies such as ERC20 or Cardano tokens, you don’t need to utilize third-party applications. You may use their official app to get a list of all the supported currencies. Some well-known hardware wallets need the use of third-party software to access some currencies. However, this is not the case with BC Vault One. All coins in the BC Vault hardware wallet are readily accessible from the official app, which is a great feature.

Here is a list of BC Vault supported coins.

Key Security Feature

This gadget may also be used as a security key, for your information. I recently shown how to utilize Trezor One as your Google security key in a video. This hardware wallet may also be used as a security key in the same manner.

You may use BC Vault One as a hardware wallet and a Google security key at the same time.

As you may be aware, purchasing a security key costs roughly $100. You don’t need to pay additional money if your BC Vault hardware wallet supports U2F.

You may utilize it with a variety of services, including Google and others.

It’s fantastic when you invest in a hardware wallet and gain an additional function.

The hardware wallet has one advantage: it uses Ferromagnetic Random Access Memory technology, which can store data for more than 200 years at temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius. After disconnecting from the power, it can store data for up to 200 years.

Is the BC Vault One safe?

Let us now discuss its security, which is why we purchased a hardware bullet. There is no need to purchase a hardware wallet without this. This is the primary reason for purchasing a hardware wallet (to safeguard our coins).

We all know that online wallets and exchanges are not secure. As a result, we purchase a hardware wallet. As a result, we cannot afford to overlook security.

Recovery Seed Generation using a Gyro Sensor

BC Vault Review: BC Vault One, A Game Changer Hardware Wallet?

Starting with the recovery creation process, it generates private keys using a built-in gyroscopic sensor.

You will need to shake this gadget to create your private key. You may produce a backup key or recovery seed for your BC Vault hardware wallet by shaking the device.

Other hardware wallets, like as Trezor and Ledger (this does not imply their produced seeds are dangerous; they are equally safe and secure; it just employs a different mechanism), need you to create a 24-word recovery phrase or seed and write it down during the setup process.

However, with BC Vault One, you shake your hardware wallet to produce a key, which may then be saved to a memory card through the SD card connector.

You will not be writing any 24 word recovery phrase in BC Vault. Yes, QR codes may be used as backups, or a memory card can be used instead.

You may make many backups for your information.

One Bitcoin is preloaded in BC Vault One.

The most intriguing feature I’d want to discuss is that every BC Vault hardware wallets come with one Bitcoin preinstalled. When you install the official software for this hardware wallet, you will see one BTC on the dashboard, which will be locked.

That Bitcoin would be yours if you were able to unlock it.

This demonstrates how much the BC Vault team values its hardware wallets and is certain that they have created them with the highest level of security in mind. This is why they are confident and why one BTC has been preloaded. This alone demonstrates the security of the BC Vault hardware wallet.

Hardware wallet with non-determinism

It is Hardware wallet with non-determinism. As you know all human beings shakes in different manners. No two people can shake their hands in the same manner. By using the same technique or method, they help you generate a different unique recovery phrase. And that recovery phrase can be backed up in memory card or in the form of QR codes.

Multiple Security Layers

There are five levels of protection on all BC Vault hardware wallets. The first degree of protection is your backup, which you’ll use if your device is damaged, stolen, or lost.

Your global password would be the second tier of protection. A global password will be needed to access all of the wallets.

Your PIN is the third layer of protection. You’ll be asked to enter a pin once you’ve entered your password. That is your second authentication factor.

Optional third and fourth layers What you can do in the fourth layer is establish a separate password for each wallet that is installed. You may, for example, configure passwords for all wallets deployed.

You may establish a PIN for all of your installed wallets at the fifth tier.

The fourth and fifth layers of protection are optional features that I would only advocate using if you are a power user.

Never select that option if you are a simple user since it forces you to remember so many passwords. If you forget a password, you will lose the coins in your wallet.

If you forget the password to your Bitcoin wallet, all of the assets and coins in that wallet will be gone forever. There was no alternative way to get those credentials back.

So, if you’re going to create passwords for several applications, make sure you remember them all.

Remote Attack Protection

As with all other hardware wallets, you must push physical buttons to transfer your assets from a hardware wallet, and the BC Vault One is no exception.

As a result, remote control of this device is not available. You must use the physical buttons to transfer assets from this device. No one can transfer coins without physical access to this gadget.

Private keys are kept in a secure location.

Furthermore, much like all other hardware wallets, the private keys saved in this hardware wallet are always offline. Your private keys will stay offline in an isolated environment whether it is linked to the internet or not.

Your private keys will stay safe even if you move your assets or receive currency.

There is no serial number.

Another point worth mentioning is that BC Vault does not produce serial numbers for its hardware wallets. As a result, after the device is delivered to the client and the consumer begins to use the hardware wallet, the firm will never know which hardware wallet you are using. Because our hardware wallet does not contain serial numbers, the corporation will not be able to follow you, and if it is, it will not be able to tell who is using it.

I’d also want to point out that if you use their app, none of your personal or sensitive information will be saved on their servers. The app will only publish public information that is publicly accessible on the internet.

Is BC Vault an open source project?

The fact that their operating system is private and isolated is my sole issue. Their operating system is likewise private, much like the iPhone. I have a strong preference for open source operating systems. However, I believe BC Vault is trustworthy when it comes to private operating systems since it already has one BTC installed. They would not add one BTC to all of their hardware wallets if they were not certain that they were not secure.

That Bitcoin would be yours if you could break their algorithm. Trusting a hardware wallet with a private operating system is a good thing.

They believe that open-source operating systems are readily exploitable since a malicious person merely has to examine the code to discover the flows. When it comes to private isolated operating systems, however, a person must first get access to the code before he can begin.

That is their reason for having proprietary operating systems, and I agree.

They chose a proprietary operating system for their hardware wallets, which is their option. Similarly, you may choose between a private OS enabled hardware wallet and an open-source hardware wallet.

Real Security Solutions, which has over 20 years of expertise in delivering IT security solutions, manufactures BC Vault One.

Only purchase genuine wallets.

Also, when it comes to security, make sure you get this equipment straight from the manufacturer’s website. It is essential to get an original hardware wallet, which may be purchased directly from the manufacturer, where you can be certain of its authenticity.

I suggest purchasing BC Vault One from the company’s official website. Here is the link to their official website.

Make sure you have a temper proof seal and that it is not tempered when you get this product. If the hardware wallet has been tampered with, do not use it and inform the vendor.

Should You Purchase a BC Vault?

Because of its features and material quality, I believe it is a good value for money product. Yes, it is available for purchase on their official website.

If you’re looking for an economical hardware wallet that won’t break the bank, I suggest this hardware bullet.

If you can afford it, consider a customized BC Vault Gunmetal model. That hardware wallet has also been evaluated by me. That hardware wallet is also excellent, as it allows for customisation.

You may have your brand etched on the body of the hardware wallet, making it even more attractive.

Is BC Vault a safe haven?

Vault One from BC is a cold wallet. Actually, all hardware wallets keep cryptocurrencies in cold storage, which is why they are recommended for storing funds securely.


One big disadvantage of the BC Vault One hardware wallet is that you must refresh the backup you have saved on your memory card every time you install a new wallet in your hardware wallet. Every time you install a new wallet, your backup would need to be updated.

This, in my view, is not a good thing since it makes things tough for a novice user. Despite the fact that their applications provide a warning message for the same, he may choose to bypass the refresh backup step and lose access to freshly deposited cash in the future.

BC wallet, in my opinion, should work on this. There should never be a need to reload a backup after it has been created.

BC Vault Review: BC Vault One, A Game Changer Hardware Wallet?

As I previously said, the third disadvantage of this hardware wallet is that its operating system is private. It is their decision, and it is also your choice, whether to purchase a hardware wallet with a proprietary operating system or an open-source hardware wallet.

Both operating systems have advantages and disadvantages. You must choose between a private operating system and a private operating system.

If you want to purchase the BC Vault One hardware wallet, click the buy button above to go to their official website.

BC Vault is a new hardware wallet that promises to be the game changer. It has some impressive features such as its ability to store multiple cryptocurrencies and its compatibility with both iOS and Android. The BC Vault One is currently on sale for $59.99 USD, which is definitely worth it for anyone looking for an alternative to the Ledger Nano S or Trezor. Reference: bc vault support.

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