Ankr Partners With Pocket Network to Propel Web3 Into a New Era of Truly Decentralized Infrastructure

Ankr, the platform created to facilitate decentralized applications on EOSIO blockchain has inked a new partnership with Pocket Network – an open source project focused on creating “a permissionless, private and secure communication network.” The companies have plans to create a use case for Ankr’s dApp ecosystem that will provide cryptographic tools while simultaneously providing native wallet support.

The “pokt harmony” is a new era of decentralized infrastructure in which the power to create and destroy networks is given back to the user. The Ankr Partners with Pocket Network to propel Web3 into a new era of truly decentralized infrastructure.

Ankr Partners With Pocket Network to Propel Web3 Into a New Era of Truly Decentralized Infrastructure


May 26th, 2022, San Francisco, United States Chainwire

Pocket Network, a blockchain data ecosystem for Web3 dApps, has formally announced its cooperation with Ankr, one of the world’s fastest-growing Web3 infrastructure providers. This collaboration is a significant step toward a completely decentralized infrastructure that will benefit the whole Web3 ecosystem.

Given that Ankr and Pocket Network are both strong proponents of a decentralized node architecture that adheres to the Web3 ethos, it was only a matter of time until they teamed together. Pocket Network has joined the Ankr Protocol as a node supplier, enabling its node runners to make money by delivering nodes to the network.

Ankr and Pocket Network have combined their capabilities to provide a high-performance and completely decentralized pool of nodes for the hundreds of builders, wallets, and dApps communicating with blockchains through their RPC services. The Ankr Protocol permits whitelisted providers to offer nodes to its network, with Pocket Network being the most decentralized and biggest thus far.

“Bringing Pocket onto the Ankr Protocol ushers in a new era of decentralization and coverage for Ankr and our customers.” We like Pocket’s vision and the enthusiastic community it has created. Ankr’s Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Gopman, stated, “We’re happy to have them join us on our drive to deliver the greatest Web3 Infrastructure solutions.”

Pocket Network has a 44,000-node worldwide dispersed network. It’s now one of the most popular nodes for servicing blockchain queries to both the Harmony and IoTeX chains using the Ankr Protocol. The better for Pocket Network’s native token, POKT, the more traffic they provide. It offers Pocket Network’s developers, token holders, and node suppliers a tremendous incentive.

Pocket Network’s Harmony and IoTeX nodes saw a 30 percent increase in use in the first week of the cooperation. 

Ankr Protocol processes over 50 chains and delivers an average of six billion blockchain queries every day. Ankr Protocol will become more spread than ever before as a result of the cooperation, providing users with the lowest latency connections no matter where they are. Developers and dApps will be able to connect to the most popular blockchains in the quickest and most decentralized way imaginable.

This agreement enables Ankr to provide Web3 as a more collaborative protocol rather than a centralized organization as it continues to decentralize its infrastructure and diversify node providers. 

Pocket Network Information

Pocket Network is a blockchain data ecosystem for Web3 apps that coordinates and distributes data at scale using cost-effective economics. With Pocket, developers can easily connect blockchains into websites, mobile apps, IoT, and more, allowing them the ability to put blockchain-enabled applications into the “pocket” of any mainstream consumer.

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Ankr’s Background

With an industry-leading global node delivery system and developer tools, Ankr is developing the future of decentralized infrastructure, serving over 50 proof-of-stake networks. Ankr processes approximately two trillion transactions per year across Web3 and is the preferred RPC partner for 17 blockchains, making it the RPC market leader. 

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The “pokt network discord” is a decentralized infrastructure that allows for the development of DApps on top of it. Ankr has partnered with Pocket to provide this new service.

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