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African artwork has a rich tradition of bright colors, rich patterns, and subjects such as wildlife and the human form. But the art form has been largely ignored by the international art community. While there are some African artists and artisans who have gained international recognition.

African art is one of the most popular and influential types of art in the world and now two pieces of modern African art have been launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The […]  art is currently being exhibited in the form of a high-quality poster and all the ERC-721 tokens associated with the art are now available for purchase.

The National Film and Television Museum have launched a Cryptocurrency Exhibition in the UK that showcases portraits of African Royals using Blockchain Technology. The Exhibition, which is titled “African NFT Art Exhibition Featuring Portraits of Two African Royals”, is being run by the National Film and Television Museum in the UK, and was funded by the Ethereum Foundation. The exhibition showcases the work of two African Artists, Patrick Tohi and Huy Chan– both are young artists from the African continent.. Read more about black art nft and let us know what you think.

The Museum of Contemporary African Art Gallery & Lifestyle (MOOMA), a platform for the promotion of African artworks, recently launched a 30-day exhibition of contemporary non-exchangeable African art (NFT). The exhibition, which will be MOOMA’s first exhibition at the NFT, will feature works by Goran Pina of Portraitist. Pin, a Croatian national, is an artist who explores the boundaries of crypto art on many levels. According to a statement on the MOOMA website, the centerpiece of this exhibition will be the collection of portraits of kings and queens. Portraitist – Goran Pin – NFT Artist. A portrait artist presents non-flying collectibles, the Kings and Queens collection. African NFT Art Exhibition Featuring Portraits of Two African Royals Launched – Blockchain Bitcoin News which also contains the very first portraits of African kings, minted on the blockchain. The statement adds: This is the first NFT collection of all the royal families of the world. 30 of the 32 portraits in the Kings and Queens collection are the very first portraits of these people to be simultaneously mined on the blockchain. According to a press release, Potretiste’s collection will include portraits of two African kings, King Letsie III and King Mswati III. At the same time, the statement also praises Pin for his decision to fuse traditional art with crypto art. Although his works are highly sought after, MOOMA notes that the artist has nevertheless decided to postpone the auction of his entire Kings and Queens collection. What do you think of this NFT show? You can share your thoughts below in the comments section. Photo credit: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki CommonsAn African non-fungible token (NFT) art exhibition launched today featuring portraits of two African royalty. The African Royal Portraits NFT art collection was created by an artist using the Ethereum blockchain. It forms part of the African Royal Portraits collection, the first blockchain art collection to feature African royalty. The collection was unveiled at a ceremony in London, England, today (September 12). The artworks are digital representations of the two kings. Read more about lethabo huma and let us know what you think.

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