8 Big Brands Jumping onto the NFT Bandwagon

In recent years, the idea of a digital collectible has been gaining momentum as more and more companies see it as an opportunity to build brand loyalty. While some people consider having their own virtual assets as a “passive” way to spend time that consumes little effort, others say this is just another form of gambling or even worse: addictive spending.

The “biggest nft brands” is a list of 8 big brands that have jumped onto the NFT bandwagon. The list includes companies such as Walmart, Tesla, and Starbucks.


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have exploded in popularity in the cryptocurrency world. These digital assets provide a new income stream for businesses. Furthermore, they improve brand ties by allowing businesses to diversify their income streams.

Despite the fact that NFTs are still a relatively new idea in the crypto and blockchain space, they have garnered the attention of large companies due to their rapid acceptance and awareness. NFTs are being embraced by top companies in the fashion, food, entertainment, sports, and other industries.

These digital assets are getting a lot of attention this year because of this brand backing. The following are some of the top eight brands that are getting into NFTs:


Coca-Cola was one of the first big brands to enter the NFT market. Coca-Cola is a multinational beverage company with a global reach. Coca-Cola released an NFT with its famous logo, which sold for $575,883 at an online auction.

The NFT was auctioned for 72 hours and put up as a single “loot box” at that time. On the OpenSea marketplace, the NFT was listed. Four multi-sensory NFTs inspired by friendship were presented in the NFT. Coca-Cola was able to move its assets into the virtual world because to its NFT.

The NFT also comes with a fully stocked Coca-Cola refrigerator to increase fan involvement. The listing of this NFT makes Coca-Cola one among the best companies to move into this industry due to its worldwide reach.


The newest Reddit news suggests that the social media company is looking into NFTs. Reddit, one of the most popular social media sites, has posted a job ad searching for an expert to assist in the development of an NFT platform.

The job description made no mention of whether the platform will launch an NFT or build a marketplace for users to purchase and sell NFTs. Given the vast population that these platforms serve, this might open the door for other social media networks to start their own NFT systems.

With Reddit being the first social media network to introduce NFTs, other social media platforms may follow suit and create their own NFT markets.


Nike, the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer, is the newest addition to the NFT industry. Nike indicated that it has been looking into NFTs for the previous two years, but that the sector’s expansion this year makes it the right moment to become involved.

Nike copyrighted their CryptoKicks NFT sneakers this year. The goal of developing this NFT was to breed distinct display designs, resulting in the production of new bespoke shoes. These virtual creations, according to Nike, might be transferred into the actual world.

CryptoKicks is modeled after the CryptoKitties program, which was one of the first NFTs to be launched. Other fashion firms are following Nike’s lead and starting their own NFT efforts.

Formula 1

Fans of Formula 1 racing may also participate in NFTs. In an Ethereum-powered gaming venture entitled “F1 Delta Time,” Formula 1 produced NFTs that featured vehicle components and drivers.

Animoca Companies, a business that works with numerous other brands to produce NFTs, created the F1 NFT game. Formula E and MotoGP are two additional NFTs that Animoca Brands has assisted with the development of.

The first F1 NFT share was sold for roughly $223,000 in December. It was one of the most costly NFTs available at the time. However, as the demand for NFTs has exploded, this record has been shattered.

The South China Morning Post is a newspaper published in South China.

NFTs are not only revolutionizing the sports and food industries, but they are also gaining traction among media firms. The South China Morning Post is one of Asia’s most widely circulated newspapers.

The media corporation recently announced the creation of a “artefact” litepaper that would store historical documents and assets in the form of NFTs on the blockchain network.

The Alibaba-owned media firm indicated that its long-term goal is to become chain-agnostic, which will allow it to publish genuine “artefacts” during its first launch. The firm can improve its reader engagement by using these NFTs.


NBA is one of the most well-known companies that have joined NFTs. While the NBA Top Shot has not directly entered this market, it is one of the most respected NFT markets in the sports industry.

This marketplace is dedicated to the sale of memorable basketball moments. It has seen tremendous growth in the last year, with millions of dollars in sales. LeBron James and other legendary players are among the athletes included in the moments offered on NBA Top Shot.

While it is unclear if the NBA will establish its own NFT or NFT marketplace in the future, the NBA Top Shot is still the most popular NFT creation in the industry.


World Wrestling Entertainment is another prominent sport that is branching out into NFTs (WWE). WWE is introducing an NFC, which is expected to include some of the most well-known stars in WWE, including The Rock. The NFT will also include some classic wrestling moments.

The WWE NFT will be comparable to the NBA Top Shot, and given the worldwide exposure that this wrestling platform has, the NFT is projected to draw a large number of NFT and wrestling fans.

WWE announced that it will collaborate with Blockchain Creative Labs to build this NFT. This move will also make this NFT one of the most environmentally friendly on the market, which is likely to boost value given the heated arguments about NFTs’ environmental effect.


Asics is the other athletic platform that is releasing NFTs. This is a significant rival of Nike’s. This sportswear company was the first to release a line of NFTs. However, since the NFTs that were recently introduced will only be utilized for an experimental phase, it has yet to become a key player in this industry.

The NFTs will also be used to bridge the gap between the physical and digital brands, according to the company. However, it is unclear if this NFT collection will persist in the long run, but it is a significant organizational endeavor. This athletic brand can keep its innovativeness and accomplish a forward-thinking notion that will help them to be a part of the future by launching an NFT.

By creating NFTs, each of these companies is bringing something new to the table. Not only are NFTs assisting these companies in better connecting with their followers, but they are also garnering additional capital. Part businesses are also allocating some of these cash to social responsibility programs, providing them a competitive advantage. It’s also a means to keep these businesses alive by ensuring that they’re digitally aware. NFTs also allow these businesses to reach out to a new demographic.

The “coca-cola nft” is a cryptocurrency that was released by the Coca-Cola company. The coin has been used to purchase products at their stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands are using NFT?

A: In 2019, businesses like Starbucks and Nike are exploring the idea of having their products trade on NFT. This allows them to offer more value for customers who can buy these items in-game rather than overpriced retail stores.

What does NFT crypto mean?

A: NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it is a type of digital asset which can be uniquely identified by its cryptographic signature.

How do you buy NFT?

A: To buy NFT, you first need to acquire the cryptocurrency that it is built on, NFT. The best way to do this will vary depending on your location.

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