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Press Release

PRESS RELEASE. Leading crypto-currency comparison site, Cryptowisser, has just announced its NFT market listing. The list includes details of current marketplaces where NFT artists, collectors and traders can list, sell and buy undeliverable tokens. With the recent craze and growth in the NFT space, various NFT niches are emerging and with these niches comes the need to sell and buy them somewhere to enter the NFT markets.

Market leader appears

According to the report, there are currently 30 active NFT marketplaces selling digital art and collectibles, from CyrptoPunks to NBA Highlight Reels. By March 2021 alone, the current market leaders and the first batch of OpenSea startups have recorded more than $80 million in transactions. Their biggest rivals, Rarable, were neck and neck before the start of the year, with more than $25 million in deals in March 2021.

The NBA has an active interest in the NMT industry and has partnered with Dapper Labs (responsible for Cryptokitties) to capitalize on the emerging and growing market for digital sports collectibles featuring the NBA’s top shooters. With one of the largest sports franchises in the United States behind it, the NBA brings more than just the crypto community. It’s a testament to the future of the NBA that the NBA’s main entertainment market has already generated more than $700 million in revenue.

What makes a market good?

The Cryptowisser report helps users view holistic snapshots of markets in relation to each other. Buyers and sellers can instantly see the different market commissions, payment options the blockchain(s) support, age of the company, user points, and NFT categories.

From the artist’s point of view, it is important to place his or her works on a platform that can make them known to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. That’s why companies like OpenSea have encouraged artists by introducing free parts for artists, and the company takes a small 2.5% commission, as you can see in the OpenSea review. The cost of selling NMTs varies widely in the NMT market, from 2% to 15%. The commission can be highly dependent on the type of NFT. While low fees may seem more reasonable, elements such as exposure and affordability may also play a role, giving markets multiple ways to compete.

In an effort to appeal to a broader market, not just the crypto world, marketplaces have expanded not only in the type of blockchain they support, but also in their universal payment methods. Companies like Makersplace (which sells work by respected artists like Jura Miron, Silvio Vera, Dmitry Cherniak, Dreamonaut and Frenetik Void) accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

The future of the NMT market

As NFTs gain popularity, their market position will also expand. With the support of names like the NBA, others will follow. (MLB is in talks with Dapper Labs about a possible brother baseball summit). Even well-known artists like Diplo would sell NFTs, making the potential market network even larger.

As in any industry, the market is essential. You can expect to see more partnerships between traditional industry moguls and the crypto world, more NFTs becoming available, and more established marketplaces in their field. Cryptowisser will continue to have the most up to date and detailed list in the NFT market.

Cryptowisser is a crypto currency comparison site with the largest, most frequently updated and most trusted list of crypto currency exchanges, wallets, debit cards, merchants and NFT marketplaces. With over 1,000 reviews of different exchanges, payment cards, wallets, merchants and NFT markets, they will help you with all your buying decisions and choices in the crypto world.

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